Ready-made applications

Ready-made applications

Extensive customization is possible in all ready-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

Designing and development of an industry custom application for procurement and production administration (marble, timber etc.)

  • Detailed easy entry of orders by entering dimensions, material thickness, surface treatment, edges, as well as the ability of registering other services.
  • Grouping of similar items and styles and automatic quotations with detailed charge analysis.
  • Ability to convert offer into production orders and issue detailed reports on production.
  • Detailed monitoring of the entire production process (phases, completion times, etc.).
  • Interconnection with company’s existing ERP system for data exchanging (items, customers, services, orders, etc.).

Travel Expense Management Application for the Public Sector

  • Registration of business trip with selection from registered routes. Possibility to register accommodation in case of multi-day travel and automatic calculation of the budgeted travel costs.
  • Automatic issuing of all the necessary trip allowance documents.
  • Ability to import attached files (tickets, hotel invoices etc).
  • Issuance of travel payment statements for the accounting department.

Rental Property Management Application

  • Monitoring of rental property, property owners, tenants.
  • Monitoring leases, automatic rent readjustments.
  • Automatic calculation of rents, issuance of receipts / invoices
  • Variety of prints / reports (rental statements, tenant and property financial transaction documents etc.)
  • Calculation and printing of all the tax documents form for each property owner
  • Interconnection with accounting system for automatic update of the rental payment records

Employee Time Attendance Tracking Application

  • Working hours tracking of company’s staff with the use of a computer without the need for additional equipment.
  • Ability to monitor compliance with registered working hours and hours per day, week or month.
  • Ability of time off requests from the employees and approval by the manager.
  • Ability to monitor staff costs per cost center.
  • Variety of analysis / reports (Attendance diary, employee month attendance, etc.)